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Serving since 2005

CAVA incorporated into Indian market since 2005, with the aim of bringing luxury in your lifestyle with IT, NETWORKING, SECURITY & HOME AUTOMATION products. when these technologies arrived into the Indian market. CAVA was different right from the 1st day of its establishment. Cava objective was to market any product line by educating its customers about the technical Traits and benefits. 

Our main motive is to provide customer satisfaction & happiness as ultimately we are in the business of creating brilliant & secure lifestyles such as once a happy customer – always a happy customer.

Then came the period of offering integrate solutions in the field of It, Networking, security & Home Automation Systems, where CAVA spent substantial number of years in understanding the market, offering complex solutions by integrating world’s best products to its corporate and residential customers.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Since 2005

CAVA graduated from marketing to integration and learnt in the process the pulse of the market and the relative expectations of every customer. All these years instilled remarkable and unforgettable experience for CAVA, making CAVA more matured, experienced and chiseled for more serious business in store.

Our Journey

In 2005, CAVA started security work with CCTV installation exactly from its establishment. After some period of time, CAVA progress into the IT & Networking Industry in 2013. After expansion & successful deliverables in Security work and IT & Networking. CAVA entered into Electronic Industry, Wireless Technology & FTTHGPON and Home Automation from Last 3 years with flourishing deliverables and with satisfying clients. 

Our Brands

Brand selection for CAVA is a serious business decision and the basic theory is to represent such brands only which offer great technology product lines with great potential for technological innovation coupled with great market acceptance and proven track record. In nutshell, CAVA does not believe in brand multiplication and is content with few select brands which offer great synergy & further growth.

Experience Center

CAVA has an experience centre spread over 2000 Square Feet in JODHPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA.  We try to turn your imaginations into creations. In our Experience Center we work with you to pick the best product for you. We provide committed service to help you find the best product that suits your home and your corporate place. CAVA also keeps a keen eye on the trends and innovations of the industry so as to keep up with modern trends and tastes.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Prem Prakash

  To work for an organization which provides me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge to growth along with the organization objective. 


   Director of CAVA
   MBA Graduate
   IP Expert
   Business Developer